Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

Get in-touch With Nature as You Visit Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in St. Petersburg, FL and Enjoy With the Facilities That They Prepared

Florida’s Gulf Coast is a place for all types of fascinating and unique wildlife and Boyd Hill Nature Preserve is a special nature experience situated in St. Petersburg. Boyd Hill Nature Preserve is a 245-acre protected area situated on the shores of Lake Maggiore at 1101 Country Club Method South in St. Petersburg, Florida. The preserve offers an abundance of activities for every person and also facilities consist of a playground and picnic areas. It initially was a zoo and arboretum but has actually evolved into a mosaic of all-natural environments as well as wild tropical landscapes that consists of a bird-of-prey aviary as well as more than three miles of trails through a variety of ecosystems.

From the outer Main Trail, there are 5 side trails showcasing specific habitats: the Swamp Woodlands Trail, WillowMarsh Trail, Lake Maggiore Trail, Scrub Island Trail and also Pine Flatwoods Trail. It is also part of the Great Birding Trail, and also a superb place for bird watching as the preserve is residence to 200+ species of birds.

The Pioneer Settlement at the park is a living history museum where site visitors can observe and participate in the skills, crafts and also social customs of late 19th century life in west central Florida. There are numerous fascinating environments to experience as well as learn more about while walking the trails. For those that don’t want to stroll the premises, tram tours are readily available daily. It is so pleasurable to check out a nature habitat so near an urban facility.

It’s home to the Lake Maggiore Environmental Education and Learning Center that offers nature camps, rental space and programs. Groups can take a tram trip of the park, you can delight in the entertaining gigantic armadillos along Wax Myrtle Fish pond as well as you can view turtles and also alligators out and also see downtown St. Petersburg throughout Lake Maggiore, dancing viceroy butterflies in the willow marsh, blue jays as well as cardinals in the Southern oaks, and much more. Overnight camping is readily available in assigned areas of the preserve.

The park is one of the region’s least discovered yet most impressive all-natural habitats, with its 5 distinct ecosystems situated in the state’s most densely booming area. Boyd Hillside is a fantastic location to see and  riding the tram around is specifically enjoyable and educational.

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