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Gainesville, FL

Sell your House – The best time to sell your house

Selling your home requires a great time of pondering over the buyer, price, reasons, and the time when you will sell your house. To have satisfactory transactions, you need to know the best time you will sell it. In Spring, homebuyers tend to look for homes because of the warm weather and longer days during this season but the competition is fierce during this time, so if your home is not perfect, it would be harder for you to sell it. In Summer, school-aged kids need to be settled thus buyers will urgently look for a home but you may experience a higher cost of showing. In Fall, it would not be the best time to sell your house although there’s less competition however, buyers can be more demanding and the market slows as school starts. The hardest time to sell is Winter, although there are buyers who are willing to buy to benefit from tax breaks they are more of “thrift shoppers” who are taking advantage of seller desperation to get a deal.

Home Selling Solutions – What are the home selling problems that can be solved?

Different problems may arise from selling your home, and the good thing here is that these problems can be addressed and solved by a home buying network that has the best home selling solutions for you. They can find ways for your home which has mortgage and title issues, problem tenants, save you the trouble with selling it yourself, the legal bills and relocation of your home, your expired listing, problem tenants if you are renting your house, your imperfect house that has a lot of restoration needed, its bankruptcy and code violations, and for selling it fast because of job loss, divorce, and bankruptcy.

Cash for Home –  The benefits of buying a home with cash

You may wonder which is better at buying a house; Is it with cash or through a mortgage? Well, these are advantages when you buy a home with cash: home sellers prefer buyers who give cash than those who pay through a mortgage, you will be prioritized when buying your desired house. Also, it can save money and time, the closing costs when buying a house with cash is much lower and mortgage interest can be doubled or tripled. Most importantly, when you buy a house in cash, you don’t need to worry about covering your mortgage and when the worst time comes that you will lose your job or any means to earn money, you’re assured that you can keep your home.

Gainesville, Florida

The city of Gainesville is the largest in North Central Florida and is the county seat and the largest city in Alachua County. It was founded in 1869 and was called before as Hogtown- it is the village of Seminoles who raised hogs. Eventually, it is established in 1853 and named after Edmund P. Gaines, a U.S military officer who served for 50 years and participated in the war of 1812, Seminole and Black Hawk wars, he is the one who arrested  Aaron Burr, a former U.S vice president. 

The population of Gainesville city as of this year (2020) has reached 134,945 and is currently growing annually by 0.40% and its population increased by 8.52% since the last census in 2010. It holds the 15th place as the largest city in Florida and 205th place as the largest city in the United States. With over 27,000 employees in the University of Florida, the city of Gainesville is one of the top employers that provide jobs to thousands of residents. According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Gainesville was: White: 65.92%, Black or African American: 21.42%, Asian: 7.23%, Two or more races: 4.03%, Other race: 0.90%, Native American: 0.40%, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.09%. 

The city of Gainesville is renowned for its world-class education of which its public schools are top-rated that provides excellent education services that cater to the diversity of students. Also, their health care is topnotch and their culture is rich that promotes cultural activities that support and encourage community-based cultural resources that include ethnic, ecological, historic, fine, and popular arts. In a survey created by, they included Gainesville as one of the Top 100 best places to Live in 2018.