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Chaires, FL

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Your house is worth only what buyers are willing to pay for. So, you have to think seriously about the worth of your house. If you’ve lived long enough in your home to make memories, those sentimental ties can cloud your judgment. So, keep to the facts as much as you can when estimating how much your home could sell for. Make the most of the weeks and months leading up to selling your house. If you have an idea of when you want to list your home, divide your to-do list into convenient bits of bite-size. The timeline below will help you off. You should of course adapt to your own needs and your schedule.

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Home Selling Solution is a methodology of type and style of sales and selling. Solution selling sees a salesperson or sales team using a sales process that is a problem-led (rather than product-led) strategy to decide whether and how a product change will offer specific customer-wanted changes. The term “solution” inferred that the proposed new product produced improved results and solved the customer problem successfully. Business to Business ( B2B) distribution companies are most likely to use product sales and related sales methods. It is necessary to achieve the desired outcomes through a combination and coordination of goods and services; third-party entities that need to supply and support portions of the solution.

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Depending on a marketplace temperature, paying cash for a home has advantages from a seller and this strengthens the negotiating position of buyers who can afford to pay with cash. While it’s true that all transactions ultimately lead to cash, the financing realities place barriers between buyers and that the end. Naturally, sellers want to negotiate with buyers meeting the absolute fewest barriers. Some sellers prefer all-cash buying deals over higher-priced offerings with traditional or FHA loan funding because they know less stumbling blocks and are more likely to close a cash deal with proof of funds. This, therefore, takes less time for the cash transactions. Sooner a quicker closing puts money in the pocket of a seller. There are often fewer items in a short escrow time which can go wrong.

Chaires, FL

Chaires is an unincorporated community in Leon County, Florida, United States just east of Tallahassee. It is situated near the Chaires Cross Road and Capitola Road intersection, northeast of Lake Lafayette and the Edwards Wildlife Area. Chaires is also home to volunteer fire department Chaires-Capitola.

Chaires was named after one of its earliest founders, Green Hill Chaires, who moved to Florida and helped settle Tallahassee and surrounding areas. Green Hill and his brothers, Benjamin and Thomas Peter, all in the southeastern section of Leon County created thriving plantations. They started to settle, became rich planters, and had an influence on North Florida politics to varying degrees. While the plantations have vanished, their legacies remain in the names, families, pride, and history of the region now known as the Chaires. Originally, Green Hill constructed a cotton plantation on the edge of Lake Lafayette, Florida. There he started to develop into a rich and thus significant Southern planter. However, in 1838, an Indian raid left many members of his family, including his aunt, dead and his home burned to the ground. Green Hill moved further east to rebuild. He established a new plantation, named Evergreen Hills, in the area known as Chaires today. It was so named because all this land was owned by Green Hill until he gave certain tracts of it to the railroad building and its descendants.

The Chaires massacre happened in 1839, after dark on a Saturday in July. The family has fled their home, interrupted by the attack. Green Hill’s wife Hannah Averitt Chaires and two children died in the attack. Green Hill Chaires sought support from a small group of men called “minutemen” in Tallahassee. Capt. Hugh Fisher and his “minutemen” had been unable to pursue the trail due to a heavy downpour, although an attempt was made to track the Indians. The reason for the attack is unclear, in accordance with this report. Maybe it was the Chaires farm’s eastern location, and its distance from Old St. Augustine Lane, which at the time was the main thoroughfare.